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Year 2063 and 2064 became years of achievements for all the students of IOM, starting with the historical achievement made by Loktantric Jana-Anadolan 2062/2063 .Right from the huge support and participation in the Jana-Anadolan 2 to the welfare of all students of IOM, Maharajgunj campus, Free Students Union 12 th executive body proudly lists few of many of its activities:-

  1. FSU Election and Handover:

The currently running FSU 12 th executive body was elected on Falgun 16 th 2062 and was handed over by11th executive body on Chaitra 2062.


  1. Active Participation in Loktantric Jana-Anadolan 2062/2063:

Just after the few days of handover, Lead by FSU in coordination with staffs and teachers launched various protest programs to support the Loktantric Jana-Anadolan. 21 of our friends were imprisoned and many were injured in the protest.

A mini poll was conducted to support the pro-democracy movement. Besides this, first Aid treatment of the victims of Loktantric Jana-Anadolan at the victim site, Blood donation program, Fund raising program for the victims were conducted.


3. Academic Activities:


a. Decrease in Basic Science Delay :

FSU 12 th executive body has been able to reduce the basic science delay by 2-3 months, decided to taper that gap gradually.


b . Reduction in pre-requisite for NMCLE exams :

FSU 12 th executive body held series of talks with Nepal Medical Council and reduced the NMCLE pre-requisite from 12 months to 9 months.


c . MCI recognition of IOM post graduates:

With repeated pressure to campus and dean administration for the initiation for recognition of IOM post graduated, ENT department has got recognition of MCI , for the recognition of other departments , work are in progress.


d. Decrease in annual increase in fee structure:

We are very much pleased to inform you that the trend for the 10% increment in annual fee has been reduced to 7.5% and decided to decrease further according to situation.

e. Increase in stipend of Resident and intern Doctors :

Its our pleasure to inform you that we have been to increase the stipend of intern and Resident doctors after a long struggle against concerned authorities.


f. Increse in number of LCD and overhead projectors in classes


g. Increase in the no of computers in the library



h. New auditorium hall in the Campus:

FSU insisted the campus administration for building auditorium hall, as a result room no 9 was renovated and auditorium hall established there.

i. Constant pressure to concern authorities for curriculum review:


j Nepali classes for foreign students:

FSU Maharajgunj Campus has organized Nepali classes for foreign students many

times according to the need.

k. Undergraduate entrance for certificates level:

FSU 12 th executive body held talks with various concerned authorities and came to a consensus on conducting the final exam earlier so that students of certificate level can appear for undergraduate entrance exams in the same year.

l. Providing 90% medical benefit to all IOM, Maharajgunj campus students:

On constant demand of FSU, there has been consensus to provide 90% medical

benefit to all IOM Maharajgunj campus. Previously it used be 50%.


4. Sports :


a. Renovation of Gym Hal l:

A modern Gym Hall with sophisticated equipments was inaugurated .

b. Observation of annual sports festivals .

c. Conduction of various interbatch football, futsol, cricket tournaments in various occasions.


5. Hostel:

a. Extension of Hostel on A, B, C, blocks of undergraduates and PGs hostel:

Under constant pressure with ultimatum, campus administration has started the process of extension of hostel, will be constructed very soon.

b. New Television in Boys and Girls hostel:

New televisions in boys and girls hostel with cable lines have been established.

c . Daily Newspaper in Boys and girls hostels:

Free students union 12 th executive body has started providing daily newspaper to boys and girls hostel of IOM.

d. 24 hour water supply in the hostel:

After a long marathon work up, FSU with support from campus administration, has been able to establish a 24 hour water supply from TUTH.

e. Installation of euroguards in basic science and boys' hostel .

f. Maintenance of bathrooms and lightening in the hostels

g . Painting of mess hall has been done .

h. Regular pressure on hostel administration to maintain security environment in the hostel.

6. Social Activities :

a. Health camp :

In coordination with Nepal Students Union central committee and NSU- Maharajgunj campus, FSU organized a free health camp in Jorpati VDC, ward no 8.


b. Awareness program in Nagarkot :

In co-ordination NMSS, on occasion of World Health Day 2007, FSU organized a AIDS awareness program in Nagarkot .

c. Blood donation program:

Blood donation program organized in TUTH premises to support TUTH blood bank.


7. Entertainment and Fun:

a. Observation of annual graduation and felicitation programs 063and 064 .

To bid farewell to all outgoing students and felicitate our respected teachers.

b. Observation of annual welcome program063 and 064.

To welcome all newcomer students in IOM.

c. Conduction of satirical literary program with participants from sisnupani Nepal .

d. Conduction of movie show in auditorium hall regularly.


8. Participation in programs organized by other institutions :(just listing few of many ......)

a. Pulse program annually organized in AIIMS, New Delhi , India .

b. Synapse annually organized in BPKIHS, Dharan.

c. Intercollege meet 2006 in UCMS, Bhairahawa.


9. Supports to various other ]students societies and organizations:


Free Students Union is providing supports to almost all the activities inside IOM, to all others student societies like NMSS, NPHSS,NPSS, NOSS,NRTSS,NMLSS, NRDA,FOTS, TSAN etc.


© Free Students' Union, Maharajgunj Campus